EVOLEON is Carlos Abelha from Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
Genre: Hi-Tech; PsyTrance

His first contact with the producing plataforms and mixing
some songs is in 1999/2000 with Hip-Hop, Break Dance Beats and RnB.
The first contact with electronic music is in 2007,
when he goes to the first partys, he realized that electronic music would be an evolution,
not only as a dj/producer but also as a way to show the feeling that music has in frequency.
After some years going to partys and start working with some Portuguese PsyTrance Organizations,
he started is own Label, "Hipnotic Tribe Records", with the aim of helping artists with potential to triumph in the psychedelic world.
He was also part of the team in BioMechanix Records from Mexico in 2014 to 2016, has a fullon night Dj Set.
This project currently has mixes of Hi-Tech and PsyTrance, but more focused in Hi-Tech.