Djane Lola is Hyandra Lorena from Brasilia, Brazil.

Genre: PsyTrance; Night FullOn; Morning FullOn

Inspired by the Electro / Progressive House segment, the Brazilian started her career as Djane in 2013, developing more prominently 5 years later with Psytrance and Dark Techno projects. Her sonority is characterized by emotional and aggressive melodies, with great reverence for Acid Music and Oldschool. In psytrance sets it varies from 143-150 bpm, presenting a fullon of progressive development, with notable influences from Goa, Techno and Eurotrance. Always involved with various segments of electronic music, Lola also dedicates herself to the local Drum n Bass scene, an aspect that has always been part of her musical identity.

She has played in several corners of Brazil, including the prestigious “Parallel Universe“.