PSYGOOSE is Rafael Marques from Viseu, Portugal.
Genre: FullOn Night
Born 18th september 1991, his connection to music began very early specially with electronic music thanks to
his uncle that was a deejay. The most psychedelic sounds were the ones he liked more.
After a friend listened to one of his mixes he started to become encouraged.
A couple of years later his passion for psychedelic music just pumped up and he started to
dedicate himself to this way of life.
Because he liked trance so much he just learned alone the deejaying art and, then he started
to mix live. Nowdays his main references are: Brainwash, X-avenger, Conscious Chaos, X-side,
Stereopanic, Frozen Ghost, Critical Mass, Tantrum and so on…We may say that PsyGoose
is extremely electric and has his own style. His sets are very rhythmic.
Hot grooves, nice taste and loads of energy. Always improving!