SPACE FUSION is Ivo Coelho from Bragança, Portugal.
Genre: PsyTrance
From an early age he started listening to Psytrance music and in 2004 he started DJing at some events,
but not being enough for him in 2006 he started producing music, creating his first Psytrance project.
But it was in 2014 that together with Hugo Costa they decided to create the Space Fusion project,
which has already participated in major events such as, One Love Festival, Future Universe, Follow me in my world, among others…
At the beginning of 2020 they released their first album, through the Israeli record label Balbalab Records,
and shortly afterwards Hugo Costa, after changing continents, left the project.
The Space Fusion sound is a Progressive with full on Psytrance influences, creating a unique atmosphere,
with strong basses and striking melodies, making its sound unique.