YMBX is Anthelmo Hernandez from Guerrero, Mexico.
Genre: DarkPsy / Experimental Dark
YMBX comes from a Mayan word game name
YUM KAAX one of 13 Mayan gods, lord of the forests and crops.
YMBX has been driven by music his whole life,
at an early age he playing cpu synths on small rock bands,
and when the party over, as a dj on small underground events on his town,
ranging from Punk, Rock, Metal, Alternative to Jazz, Experimental and Ethnic sounds.
His musical journey eventually, let him to the City.
There he started the musical production and classes beside his personal carrer like a profesional cooker;
now YMBX still make some dark psytrance textures from outter parallele spaces,
trying to recreate the multiverse organical sounds and atmospheres or textures when speaks.